Interview: Pedro Henrique

Henrique PSG

Interview: Pedro Henrique

The Brazilian winger has made a good start to life in Brittany.  Henrique spoke with the club for an interview published in the matchday programme ahead of the game against Paris Saint Germain.  The matchday programme is now available online via the official club website.

Pedro, what significant differences have you seen between Ligue 1 and the Swiss league?

In Switzerland, the top teams have a range of levels.  In France, the twenty clubs are very strong. I also feel more passion around the games in France.  In Zurich, the crowd was far from the pitch because there was an athletics track.  In Rennes, fans are very close and I like it!  The atmosphere is different.

Against Saint-Etienne, you came off for a few minutes to treat your nose which was bloodied by an elbow. You have experienced that Ligue 1 can be rough …

Yes, every game is a battle. In training, there is also a lot of intensity. But this is not a problem!

Against Paris, SRFC will need to raise its level of play to win …

Yes, we got results, as against Caen, but we realise that we must improve.  There were many arrivals and changes in players.  It’s not easy to get to the required level automatically.  But it will all come together.

What is needed to beat the Parisians?

I have great respect for Paris but at home, we should be able to beat all teams.  The hardest part is finding the right balance.  It will take not too much defending or attacking.  Paris have great players, but there is also the quality in Rennes.  We can compete.

There are many Brazilians in Paris (Lucas, David Luiz, Maxwell, Thiago Silva …).   Do you know them personally?

No, but I focus on the path of Lucas.  I love his style.  He plays in the same position as me.  I appreciate his style: he is an incredible dribbler.  I am trying to get a bit of inspiration from him.  I think he has a very great future.



Your favourite movie?

Gladiator. I love epics and this one is very successful.

Your favourite music?

Brazilian music … There are obviously many artists. I cannot highlight one!

The best player currently playing?

Cristiano Ronaldo.  I love players like him.  He has exceptional technical qualities.  He can do everything: dribble, pass, score … and each time, he does it with a smile!

The best player of all time?

Ronaldinho.  For the same reason as Cristiano Ronaldo.  He, too, is always smiling.  For these players, football is a pleasure.  It shows on the field.  He is a fantastic and complete player.

Do you follow footballing news?

Yes a lot.  I look at all championships: Brazilian, German, English, Spanish …

Henrique skysports

Your best friend in football?

In Zurich, I got along well with Davide Chiumiento.  He also played in Ligue 1 with Le Mans in 2005.

Your favourite gesture on the pitch?

Ronaldo and his dribbling manner: to the body!

Your favourite sport outside of football?

Just football!

What would you like to do after you retire?

I’d like to stay in football. coach, manager, director or educator!

What would you have done if you had not made it in football?

I really do not know … (silence).  I always wanted to be a pro.  I thought only that!  Football, football and more football!


The original interview can be found in the matchday programme available via  Photos courtesy of and


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