Interview: Sanjin Prcic

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Interview: Sanjin Prcic

The official Stade Rennais website has published an interview with Bosnian midfielder Sanjin Prcic.  We have translated this below.

Sanjin, how did you experience your first games in “Rouge et Noir”?

It went very well since we won the first game 6-2 at home.  It was a very good game with a great atmosphere, the crowd was behind us, it was really great.  The second game was still positive in Saint-Etienne.  We are very happy with the result.  More generally, since I arrived, I am very happy with my integration.

In the matches against Evian and Saint-Etienne, you played well, did you expect such a rapid acclimatisation?

I did not.  Stade Rennais is a great club and we can still improve.  We see it every day in training.  You really feel the potential. The whole club is responsive which puts us at ease.  This is what has allowed me to integrate myself.  I really want to thank them.

Against Saint-Etienne, we saw you play on the right wing …

I’m more used to play in the centre.  It’s my job in training.  Moving on the right side did not bother me.  We must be able to strive, to make sacrifices for the team.

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We saw you take the set pieces.  Are you used to that?

As soon as I arrived at the training camp in Germany, the coach encouraged me to take them.  He told me not to hesitate to do so.  This is something that works a lot in training, it is important to find automation with the other players.  These are very important phases during the game where you can score a lot of goals.  From a young age, I love doing it and so I try to take corners and free kicks.

Against Evian we especially saw Gelson Fernandes speak often to you …

Gelson has great experience.  He helps us a lot and gives us advice that we try to follow.  This is only my second season in Ligue 1, I need advice from experienced players.  There are players like Sylvain (Armand) who have played for big clubs.  We observe, we take example from them.  It is important to have experienced players to guide us and help us in everyday life.

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You’re going to have your first cap for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team, how do you feel?

I am very proud because it has been 5 years since I was selected (note: in the youth teams).  This is my first call up and I am very happy because the next matches are qualifiers for Euro 2016.  This is another major step taken forwards by me.

What do you think about the selection of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

This is a very good team, which gained momentum in the last 5 years and obtained their qualification for the last World Cup.  This was a first and historic moment for the country.  They failed to produce great games but it proves in the selection that Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a great team.  We also feel an enthusiasm around this selection.  All Bosnians are attached to the national team.  So we try to make them happy and give them emotion.

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